Safe space policy

Our company is a safe place for people of all backgrounds and attributes. The wellbeing of our team is of paramount importance. To make sure that any negative behavior (no matter how big or small) is met with the appropriate consequences and to make sure our team members feel safe and respected at all times, we have multiple dedicated contact persons and strive to address all issues directly. In addition to these measures, we have implemented this survey to provide our employees with the possibility to raise their voices in written and anonymous form if they are more comfortable this way.

This survey is sent to and filled out by all our employees every three months. The survey is anonymous. The results are reviewed by both our CEO and an employee who identifies with a different gender than him. These questions have been designed and reviewed by all our team members.

The survey questions are publicly visible so we can contribute to the discussion and improvement of these matters within our industry. Feel free to reuse these questions or contact us to further discuss them. In order to protect us from spam submissions, a company-internal and non-personalized password is required to send the information.

Have you been a victim of harrassment, abusive behavior or any other kind of negativity?
Do you know about (or have you heard about) any incidents of harrassment, abusive behavior or other malice within our company?
Are you unsatisfied with our leadership's reaction to any incidents in the past?
If you have answered "Yes" to any of the previous questions, please provide any additional information that you're comfortable sharing.
How do you feel about your job security?
How safe do you feel in our company (personally)?
If you feel comfortable to share, please explain why you chose this value.
Are there any improvements you'd like to see implemented in our company, regarding safety or any other aspects?
This survey is anonymous. However, if you want to talk about the information you provided you can provide your name here.
Please insert the company-internal code that has been sent to you with the survey link. This code is the same for all employees and only serves as a spam protection.

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