Meet the Expedition Team: Felix
Get to know our Music & Sound lead Felix – his background and inspirations, what he does at Off The Beaten Track and most importantly, his favorite kind of tea.
Meet the Expedition Team: Patrick
Our 3D artist Patrick created the art style of our game, the characters, assets and various 2D work. Get to know more about him, his background, his work and his favorite video game!
Meet the Expedition Team: Alex
Alex joined our company as a programming intern and we're very happy to have him as a permanent member by now. Find out more about him and his work in this blogpost, you'll be rewarded with a cute picture of his bunny 🐰!
Meet the Expedition Team: Jens
Hey there, fellow adventurers! I am Jens, living in Kiel in northern Germany. I founded Off The Beaten Track a while back with the clear goal of creating games that tell their own stories and building an awesome and safe place to work for all our team members. Firewatch Favorite Game I have been tinkering...
Meet the Expedition Team: Ines
Hey there, fellow adventurers! I am Ines, living in Kiel in northern Germany. I work at Off The Beaten Track in Marketing and Social Media person, so the stuff you saw on Twitter was probably posted by me. In the greater scheme, it is my task to make people know about our game and to...
Meet the Expedition Team: Jannik
Hey there, my name is Jannik, a magical being hailing from the far off lands of Flensburg, Germany! I joined Off The Beaten Track as an intern (edit: since September I am an official part of the team!), hoping to further my skills and contribute to games that all kinds of people can enjoy. I’m...
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